We made it our duty to work in numerous spheres which touch the daily lives of many communities across Nigeria. Engaging directly with the people, we are able to participate in the thought-making process of the communities we work with, and thus have the capacity to bring about long-term change. As such, we have had a substantial contribution in the nation building process. We also understand that accelerated development soon reaches a stagnant point if it is not sustainable.

Like minds for Social Development is aimed at handholding, training and enabling community based organisations to maximize their impact on the ground. Under initiative, we trained on vital issues relevant to the development sector in the country like scalability, sustainability, communication, resource mobilization and governance by industry experts from different worth of life.

Empowering Grassroots is not only an effort to strengthen the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid in Nigeria, but also an attempt to bring transparency and accountability in the workings of the development sector at the grassroots level.